How to Buy Cheap Tyres

Running a car can be very expensive, and one of the most costly parts of any vehicle is the tyres. These are subject to the most wear and tear of any other part of the car, and they are also costly to replace if you choose to buy brand new versions. In addition to the cost and the fast wear-out rate, there is also the legal requirement on drivers to ensure that their tyres are up to code. All of this means that many drivers are turning to cheap and second-hand car tyres to try to save money. If you want to buy cheap tyres from a dealer, then there are a few tips that can help you to ensure that you get the best deal for your purchases.

Look out for unmarked tyres

The demand for cheap tyres often means that there is a black market for part-used tyres. This has fuelled fakes, and the opportunity to make money by selling tyres that are not what they claim to be. Some tyres, for example, are missing all of the original markings and names on the inside of the tyres. If you are watching for cheap car tyres, drivers need to look at the markings to work out whether these are legitimate tyres or not. These markings include details of speed ratings and indicators of how much load they can bear. This is important when you are choosing a set of tyres for your car, as the wrong tyres could end up costing you more money by damaging your suspension and breaks. Tyres without these markings may have been damaged internally, and this means that they are unsuitable for use on your vehicle.

Inspect the tyres carefully

If you want to make sure that you are buying a good set of second-hand tyres, then you will need to carefully study the rims and the structure of the tyre itself. When you are inspecting car tyres, drivers should concentrate on a few important elements, including the tread, the wear patterns, and indications of damage to the tyre. The tread of the tyre is the area which needs to be considered most carefully for two reasons. Firstly, the depth of the tread needs to be sufficient to ensure that you will be able to drive around with them for some time. Secondly, the thread needs to have a uniform wear pattern, as an uneven pattern may affect how the tyre handles on the road.

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